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Energy Saving Panel Light KAORI PANEL LIGHTS brighten our lift.

Kaori Energy Saving Panel Light.

Eye-Protecting Healthy Effortless Replacement


Kaori Energy Saving Panel Light

65 units of Kaori Energy
Saving Panel Light

Luminous efficiency

the same 100 Pings of space

Common Steel Frame Fluorescent Light

100 units of steel
frame fluorescent light

Annual cost for electricity
(17,651 degrees)/
61,780  NT dollras/year

Annual CO2 emissions:9,196 kg


Annual cost for electricity
(43,800 degrees)/
153,300 NT dollars/year

Annual CO2 emissions:22,820 kg

Switching to 60W Koari Energy Saving Panel Lights saves you NT$ 91,520 a year.

  • On-site assessment is required prior to installation to determine the actual number of lighting fixtures needed.
  • Calculation is based on lights on for 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, daily electricity rate of NT$ 3.5/degree.
  • CO2 emissions calculation is based on the Electricity Emission Coefficient published by the Bureau of Energy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, 0.521kg CO2 /degree.
  • Electricity degree:1000Wh

60W Kaori Energy Saving Panel Light "lights up" everything : less units, brighter light.

A comprehensive lighting plan creates a bright and comfortable environment that evokes a pleasant mood throughout the day.

Kaori Energy Saving Panel Light

T-Bar Panel Light

600 Lux Range


1. Simulated space: 10 Ping, 3 meters high
2. Actual number of lighting fixtures needed depends on an on-site assessment.
500 Lux Range
400 Lux Range
Average illuminance of Kaori Energy Saving Panel Light is 600 Lux, and average area illuminance can reach 500 Lux.

Individual assessment program:
free on-site assessment with individualized service to plan the most appropriate lighting for your space.

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